About Delivery Fee

Free delivery for Filipino Products with minimum order of $25.00. Cash, Debit and Credit Card are accepted for payments.

Deliver in Calgary city area → your order will be accepted from $50 or more.
Deliver to Edmonton city area → your order will be accepted from $80 or more.
Since the delivery is from Calgary, the possible time to deliver to Edmonton will be from 10:00am to about 18:00pm.

Regarding to the delivery fee, Please see the link




※ Online: when you order in on the system, it will be recorded in the commodity price only. Please note shipping will be charged at the time of delivery, thank you for payment together with the commodity price. To manage the delivery schedule well, we requires receiving your order up to 3 days prior to the desired delivery area. If you like scheduled the delivery in morning, please give us special requirement because there are a lot of those who wish the delivery of the afternoon. Also, if you like to deliver in evening also is acceptable with your requirement. If you have delivery schedule is confirmed, we will contact you by e-mail the day before. It will be paid on delivery of food (cash and credit), thank you to be sure you are in home at the time of delivery.